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The Paradiso Garden hotel has been re-invented, thanks to a comprehensive reform and it has also been repositioned as a modern and contemporary hotel, generating distinctive experiences.

Zanobia Architects, together with the construction company Construcciones Tibidoy, was responsible for this project, which converted the establishment into a veritable paradise for its guests, as well as giving an industrial and sustainable touch to the building.

The hotel Paradiso Garden, located in the Playa de Palma, has recently re-opened its doors after having had a complete reform, allowing it to increase its category to 4 stars and position itself as one of the newest and most contemporary hotels in the area.   The architectural studio Zanobia and the construction company Construcciones Tibidoy were responsible for the execution of this great transformation project during which they wanted to bring to light the essence of the building, taking their inspiration from the industrial style which is greatly appreciated by the cosmopolitan tourists who visit the island.   For this reason, both the structure and many of the installations (pipework etc) have been left in full view, making it a more dynamic space, full of energy.

Pino Violante, the architect responsible for the work, has indicated that in this project what he wanted to capture “is the spirit of the typical old shoe factories in Mallorca, where they used to make espadrilles”.   This inspiration, coupled with a youthful, fresh and carefree design with a large range of colours, has converted the hotel Paradiso Garden into a more innovative and cosmopolitan establishment.

Completely renewed concept: the new formula

The Amengual family, in conjunction with an international consulting firm, made a clear marketing and sales strategy, very different and very innovative for this new establishment in Playa de Palma; orientated towards a younger public, users of the latest technologies and intent on socialising.    Based on this, the Zanobia team designed very different and attractive spaces, such as the 9 swim-up rooms, the only ones in the Playa de Palma.  The 147 bedrooms are also equipped with Chromecast technology intelligent televisions.


Pino Violante stresses that “the hotel has numerous corners and details that have been designed so that the clients can live and share experiences through social networks”.  In fact, the chain of MAC hotels has an established collaboration with 12 German influencers who will interact not only through digital media, but also in person with the hotel’s visitors.  Animation will be a key feature of this hotel, a distinction that aims to make Paradiso Garden into the most experiential leisure hotel in Playa de Palma.   It seeks to create a new concept of hotels that goes beyond the marketing of rooms, putting the focus in the creation of experiences in which the barriers between the online and offline worlds are broken.


Respect for the environment

The owner of the hotel decided to keep the name of the hotel “Paradiso Garden”, given the alignment between its new positioning and the branding strategy based on nature and the environment, health, tranquillity, healthy gastronomy and experiential innovation.  This translates into concrete actions such as the generation of a plastic-free environment throughout the hotel, and the use of zero-kilometre food, among other things.

The Zanobia architectural studio which had already done a complete reform project on both the existing building and the new build, had these ideas very much in mind when redesigning the hotel Paradiso Garden, and it is worth highlighting  the hotel’s clear commitment with green areas and the design of the outdoor area with extensive gardens and lots of greenery.


Commitment to greenery

Zanobia wanted to fuse the two designs together – the industrial style with greenery.    A composition which marks the contrast between two styles with different personalities, but at the same time combine perfection.

In this way, the introduction of an interior garden in the spa zone, or in the designs of the exterior zones full of greenery, favours the concept of youthful, fresh and carefree design.

Besides which, the rooms in the Paradiso Garden are unique. With views of the garden or pool, they have been designed with the perfect break in mind and are equipped with modern intelligent TV sets into which you can plug in all your devices.  All this has been done to adapt the hotel to the new digital tourist, who is also aware of the environment.



The hotel Paradiso Garden, owned by MAC hotels, is a 4-star hotel in a fantastic location next to Playa de Palma.   Its whereabouts in Mallorca is very well situated for visiting the island and only 15 minutes’ walk from a wide range of restaurants, shops and leisure facilities.

The Playa de Palma itself has been repositioned and in the last few years has seen the inauguration of a significant number of 4- and 5-star hotels of high standing.  In fact, Zanobia architectural studio has contributed to this transformation with other hotel reforms such as the hotel Pure Salt Garonda which opened in 2015, which was the first hotel with 5 stars in Playa de Palma, recalls the chain Pure Salt.


New spa

Another great novelty introduced by the architectural studio Zanobia during the reform of the Paradiso Garden has been the spa zone.   Designed as a zone for relaxation, perfect for disconnecting from daily responsibilities, with a climatized pool, sauna, pedicure/manicure booth, Turkish baths, cold water plunge pool and a salt room.  In fact, this converted zone of the hotel has become one of the most important because it also offers an individual massage room and two double massage rooms so that a relaxing time can be enjoyed individually or in pairs.

Inside the Spa and Wellness area there is a gym, a bike repair shop and a massage service specifically for cycling enthusiasts.




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