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Ponencia de Pino Violante is at InteriHotel

The life expectancy of a hotel. How, when and why should a hotel be renovated?

An interior design project can transform a poorly used, badly constructed or unattractive space into a unique, beautiful and profitable environment. When it comes to planning, it is essential to study what kind of guest we are looking to host at the hotel and what they are looking for. And at the same time, we provide creative solutions and diverse, exclusive areas that guests will delight in, therefore building loyalty and improving the hotel’s profits.

In this presentation, Giuseppe Violante explained how a disadvantage can easily be turned into an opportunity to create the ideal space, totally made to measure, as happened in the reform of the Hotel Pure Salt Garonda. A project that was designed and that has been endorsed by high satisfaction figures, with a GRI of 90.8% in 2017 and an outstanding NPS of 39.7 for three seasons.

Some of the most relevant ideas revealed by the renowned architect referred to the importance of working on a clear segmentation of the target audience of the hotel when planning a hotel reform, bearing in mind each season and different uses, as well as innovation in its most functional and aesthetic version. In addition, the conferences organised by Interihotel, the largest showcase in Spain specialising in hotel interior design, featured the participation of other renowned professionals from the habitat sector, including architects and interior designers such as Jaime Beriestain or Manuel Espejo.



Guiseppe is an Italian architect who came to Mallorca enamoured by the peace and tranquillity of the island in the year 1990. After working for a studio for a couple of years, he decided to create his own company. And so, in 1998 Zanobia Architecture came into existence. After 20 years and many projects, Guiseppe is known for his ability to turn dull, boring spaces into authentic works of art.

Apart from the refurbishment of the Pure Salt Garonda Hotel, he has carried out many other projects in the hospitality sector. Some of his most notable works include the complete refurbishment of the Hotel Esmeralda in Ciutadella, the Club MAC in Alcudia and the construction of the tourist apartment building L’Arcada in Playa de Palma. He has also renovated and expanded the MAC Paradiso Garden Hotel and the MAC Puerto Marina Hotel in Malaga. Furthermore, at present, he is developing projects inside and outside Spain, such as the Hotel MAC Orquídea in Punta Cana or the Hotel in Cayo Coco in Cuba.

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