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Architectural geometry

Every detail contributes to the personality of a building.  Nevertheless, there are certain elements that make that personality shine through more strongly.   This happens when geometrical elements such as ovals, curves, etc, shapes which break with the old traditions of design and construction are used.  Many of them are present in one of our latest projects, the reform of the hotel Pure Salt Garonda.

We are talking about the first 5-star hotel in the tourist area of Playa de Palma, where we introduced new trends including geometric elements, which was challenging.   These structures with simple geometrical shapes in pure colours give the optical illusion of gaining space if used well.   Unconventional and flexible scenarios that provide a new way of understanding the space, and it was this new way of looking at things that we confronted while doing this reform.

Curved ceilings, orbital shapes which give more space to simple rooms, waves that soften surfaces …. These are some of the elements with which you can imprint your own mark on a project, imbuing it with your personality, while giving it an elegant and flexible look which provides harmony.

The warmth of the spaces, together with their purity and simplicity, was an objective to fulfil.   And the aim was to integrate these ideas with natural elements of the island, such as the sea, or the light. The result is a hotel which invites its guests to enjoy its surroundings without having to give up modernity and elegance.  Today it is the urban beach hotel of reference in Mallorca.

Other examples of buildings which have relied on geometric shapes and the optical effect they have are the Al Janoub stadium, designed by Zaha Hadid, which was the first new stadium commissioned for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It was opened last May as the venue for the Amir Cup final of the Qatar Stars National Football League.  A few years earlier Fangyuan Mansion had been built in Shenyang, China, designed by CY Lee & Partners Architects/Planners to resemble old Chinese currency.

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