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Paintings and integrated art on walls and floors: the new trend

There are many ways of giving life and energy to a space: with help of accessories, choosing strong colors for the details we want to stand out, using contrasts… Nevertheless, if our main goal is to give a home or a hotel its own unique look , to surprise everyone with its originality and esthetic equilibrium, there is another option. It is about daring to integrate elements that can give prominence to walls and floors.

A direct painting on a wall, not hung, is a pretty strong option. Reason being it can make us feel like we are in a private museum within the four walls of a room. We can play around with the many options a plain wall gives us, we can leave the painting by itself, write different texts or use it to add classic elements that can leave us with a good feeling.

This was the main goal that we, at Zanobia, set for ourselves when we took the challenge of renewing the whole Pure Salt Port Adriano Hotel. We were asked to give the hotel a unique look, inside and outside, and the architecture project for the suite rooms was integrating painting on the walls.


Renaissance inspiration

Inspired by Renaissance art and paintings, the designed walls for some of the superior rooms at the Pure Salt Port Adriano hotel give a very artistic and comfortable atmosphere.

One example of it can be the Junior Suite Renaissance, which offers to the client a very elegant bedroom with an integrated bathroom, hydromassage bathtub with integrated TV, private terrace and wonderful sea view. But at the same time there are some amazing views inside as well, thanks to the “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo whose reproduction can be found on the walls of this room.

Another example inspired by the Renaissance art would be the elegant design found in the Swim Up Renaissance Vista Mar suite, with hydromassage bathtub and access to private pool from the patio, with sea view and the same integrated paintings inside.

Trusting the originality of this technique can be a success if the decoration around it is accurate or neutral, giving the integrated element full leadership. An original trend that we are sure we are going to see more often in the future.


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