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Green decoration in hotels

Experts say that not only does the color green bring sensations of vitality wherever it is, but it also provides freshness and relaxation and is a useful tool in reminding us how important our link with nature is. That’s why elements of green add life to both exterior and interior decors.   It’s an increasingly upward trend, not only in housing but also in large hotel facilities.


In Mallorca, where it is easy to forget the extraordinary natural environment that surrounds us as soon as we walk through the door of the hotel, green elements can help to provide a breath of fresh and natural air from the reception to the rooms, through different floors or the restaurant area.  So, spaces appear closer and friendlier, providing us with a sensation of comfort.

The hotel Paradiso Garden, one of Zanobia’s latest reform projects, is a great example of how plants, whether natural, artificial or printed on textiles, can create the fresh and vibrant atmosphere we are looking for.



The ceiling is an ideal spot to stimulate the senses and bring on good feelings in hotel restaurants.  In Paradiso Garden, ferns, ivy and all kinds of green leafy flowerless plants hang from the ceiling of the restaurant, giving a unique atmosphere while yielding more oxygen in a space where the clients meet daily.



If we don’t want plants in the rooms, one way to gain an atmosphere of freshness and naturalness is to choose textiles which include natural green motifs.  These can be cushions, or any other detail such as lampshades, for example.



Staircases can also acquire personality by incorporating green elements into their surroundings.   It’s all about bringing vividness and freshness to a place which is quite often in shadow, a place which says nothing to the client, but such a corner can be brightened up easily, just by choosing the right plant for that space.



Of course, the exterior is another fundamental part of a hotel and taking care of the details of this area is equally important.   Surround the outdoor area with trees and plants, combining the green of nature with white and wood to give more light or bringing in different species to provide harmony, are some of the keys for realizing good vibes.


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