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How to make the most of the light in your reforms in Mallorca

Taking advantage of the fantastic Mediterranean light to bring the most light into your house is so important.  And one way of maximising the light now that summer approaches, is to make simple reforms which will allow the light to enter all the corners of your house in Mallorca.   Here are some successful tactics to help you with this:

– Do away with walls.  A simple way for achieving all the light available is to eliminate as many partitions (walls) as we can.  Not only does this give an immediate sense of more space, but as there are no longer any barriers blocking the light, it can circle freely and allow your house to shine with brilliance.

– Skylights and roof windows.   The light which comes from above is considered to be the best.  Therefore, if we have the opportunity in our reform to install skylights and roof windows, we will make the most of the light which gives life to the house.

– Walls of transparent tempered glass.  Eliminating walls is the best option when we want the light to circulate more, but it isn’t always possible to do this.  It is most likely that we want to separate spaces in some way, for instance between the salon and the kitchen, even though both share the same space.  One way of the best ways of doing this is to use walls of transparent tempered glass.  Thanks to the glass, the light can flow through without any barriers, even where the space has technically been divided.

– Bigger Windows.  Obviously, windows are fundamental for obtaining light.   And the size here is also fundamental.  Many old houses have very small windows because, among other reasons, there wasn’t much in the way of insulating materials in those days.  Nevertheless, now that it is perfectly possible to isolate against noise, heat and cold, it is easy to install big windows which let the light in.   For this reason, it is a good idea to take advantage during the reform to install more windows, or to enlarge those which already exist.  This is a very effective way of gaining greater light.

Light colours on the walls and ceilings and the floors. Light reflects from every surface in the house.  So that, depending the colour you have on the floors, ceilings and windows, there will be more or less light.  Light tones are fundamental for maximising light, especially white.  And if in addition, we use the same colour on the ceiling and walls, the sensation of brightness will be multiplied.

– Artificial light is also important.   There is nothing like natural light, of this there can be no discussion.  Nevertheless, there are spaces within the house which are difficult for the natural light to get to, in any quantity that we would like.  Corridors and unreachable corners tend to be amongst the places that suffer the most from the absence of light.   Don’t forget them, and compensating them with artificial light is the key to whatever reform that brings more light to lessen the shadows.  To get the most benefit it is a good idea use great artificial lighting which complements the natural light as closely as possible




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