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Lofts – the advantages of open space

Lofts are living spaces with allure and many possibilities that suggest themselves almost by chance.  But as soon as they appeared on the market it was evident that they had arrived to stay. They first came to light in the 50’s in big cities such as London and New York when companies had to sell their lofts due to the economic downturn of their businesses.  It was then that real estate agencies saw the potential for lofts as living spaces, and that with certain reforms they could be utilised, with their customary high ceilings and warehouse look, as modern living spaces full of light and ventilation.  In the face of scarcity of urban land these lofts, with no interior divisions and industrial type details and structural beams in view, began to move upward in price.  And a good number of people, those ahead of their time, began to live in them.

For those who are thinking of living in their own loft in Mallorca, they only have to think if some of the inconveniences of loft living – less privacy than in an apartment with rooms and the impossibility of being able to isolate noises to only one part of the house  –  outweigh the many advantages which loft living offers:

– More space.

Forget halls and other architectural barriers, the space is the thing, giving the home more roominess.  It is one of the principle advantages of open spaces that provides a sense of well-being to those who live in them.

– More light.

Equally, not having any walls which separate the space into rooms, light enters everywhere  without any sort of barriers.  The result is a very bright and light space, especially when we take advantage of the huge windows which these lofts usually have.

– More versatility.  

The fact that there is only one space, and not several, does not mean that we must have a single use for that space.  On the contrary, the absence of walls makes it possible to include many uses in the same space, distributing every corner how we want it, without having to use a door to change the feel of a room.

– Cross Ventilation.

Another of the indisputable advantages of lofts is that they promote cross ventilation, clearing stale air from the inside without effort as there are no architectural structures to impede the air flow.

– Everything on view.

With everything being open to view, when we have a party with friends, not only can we continue the conversation with them, but we remain in their sight as we cook or set the table.  Likewise, if there are children in the house, they can be seen from any angle and so we can watch them from wherever we are.

 – More style.

One of the principle characteristics of lofts is their great charisma, and the ease with which each one can be marked with a style of its own.  We are talking about an avant-garde home where we can do and undo things at our whim, allowing a wide range of possibilities.

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