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Casa rustica Mallorca con palmeras y montaña

Wall coverings – inspired by nature

Walls, whether in houses or hotels, are much more than mere supports that divide spaces and create different atmospheres.   They have another function, that of helping to create the ambience that we want in a particular spot.   The designs that we choose for wall coverings is in relation to the use we envisage for the chosen form and space, as well as adding thermal insulation and sounding proofing to the room.  There is a key element for this, no matter whether the project is one of reform, refurbishment or new construction.

Once it has been decided to use wall coverings, we must then make our choice from the dozens of possibilities that are available on the market, as in the last decade this has increased thanks to new materials and ideas. Finding ourselves on an island like Mallorca, with its fantastic environment, can help us to look to nature for inspiration, which gives us a wide option from which to choose when deciding what the ideal wall coverings for our house will be.

For example, we can be inspired by la Serra de la Tramuntana (Tramuntana mountains) where the typical drystone walls were only declared as Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) by UNESCO in November last year.    We are talking about one of the most distinctive landscapes of the island, now officially protected as art, based on the techniques of construction, that were at the risk of disappearing, which consists of building walls of stone by placing the stones according to size and shape, without using mortar or cement.

This element, so characteristic of the rural Mallorquin landscape, is a fountain of inspiration for wall coverings, but it is not the only one.   The sea, the mountains, the plains, the caves, waterfalls …. any element can serve to create a charismatic ambiance and with the new wall coverings available, we can find all sorts of possibilities to meet practically any suggestion, from the aesthetic of the stone walls with polyethylene products, to designs in tempered glass or laminated with other materials such as cork, pvc wood, cement, ceramic, microcement, or materials such as Orac Décor which enable made to measure designs.

In Zanobia we use this inspiration gained from the natural environment in projects that fit in with this philosophy.  This was the case in the reform of the Hotel Garonda, where we wanted wood to the play the leading role in the rooms; with an overlay of natural wood on the wall coverings, doors and furniture projected warmth into spaces that gives the client a sense of the comfort and relaxation they usually look for when they are away from home.  In this case we chose shaped sheets of MDF with overlay.

In this way, the wall coverings can be converted into key elements of the project, by uniting their function as thermal insulation and soundproofing with their other roles: that of being decorative and allowing you to create your own space, marking it with the style you want to imbue in your house or in a hotel.

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