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Mallorquin shutters, or blinds?

Although light is essential for everyday life, sometimes it is necessary to soften it.  In Mediterranean countries, where the sun shines fiercely, and especially in places such as Mallorca, where the sun shines for more than 300 days a year, it is essential to rely on a system which allows us to enjoy the light when we want it, but at the same time allows us to avoid it when we don’t.  If we are thinking of protecting the interior of a house from the intense mid-day sun, as well as preventing the heat from entering, the first option which we should think of is shutters or roller blinds which can be lowered or raised as we like.

When we are constructing a new property or reforming an existing one, we have the option to deliver a rustic, but at the same time elegant style, adapted to the personality of the building, with Mallorquin shutters.  As well as giving a touch of style to the façade, there is a long list of advantages to consider, to see if the balance tends to favour this original Mallorquin product.

Advantages of Mallorquin shutters.

The style which has made the Mallorquin shutters a marked trend in facades in the last few years, has not only been for aesthetic reasons, but also because of their functionality, thanks to their adaptability and the benefits we can get from them.  The most characteristic of the Mallorquin shutters are the slats that impede the light from entering.  These can be fixed or moveable, which gives them greater versatility, as well as the capacity for heat regulation, which are precisely the concepts which provide most of the advantages.

Among the benefits which we find with the Mallorquin shutters is the insulation which they provide.  Not only do they give protection from the light, but when they are completely closed, they are more efficient than a blind in cutting out the noise. As well, thanks to the moveable slats they allow thermal control, in that we can let the light enter to the degree chosen.  And we can also create currents of air by playing with the inclination of the slats.   Other advantages are that they provide more security, as there are no exterior locks, so that it is almost impossible to enter from the outside, and the slats difficult to force.


New materials

Traditionally, the original model of Mallorquin shutter was made of wood, painted green or blue, but nowadays we can find Mallorquin shutters in almost any configuration of design and colour, fixed or moveable slats, straight or curved lintels and adaptable to fit any space.   The materials with which they are manufactured have also been updated and now aluminium and PVC are more usual.  Regarding design, we can choose from circular, rectangular (with huge measurements) and even sliding Mallorquin shutters.  There is a wide range of possibilities to be taken into consideration, so that buildings gain not only in style and personality, but also in comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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