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How to make the most of small spaces when you do a reform

When we decide to do some reforms our homes, not only do we decide how to redistribute the space, but also to take advantage of getting rid of anything that is obsolete. It is also the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of the actual square metres, making the most of the space we already have, and here are some strategies to help you with that.


Think in scale.

We are talking of squeezing the most out of the space we have, and to succeed in this we must give each room the necessary space so that it can serve whatever purpose we have in mind for it.   That is to say, to prioritise those spaces which we are going to use the most.  If we spend a lot of time in one main room because that is where we eat, work when we are not at the office and spend leisure time with our friends, it is logical that it has the most space.  On the contrary, if we only use the bedroom for sleeping, and don’t use it for any other activity (i.e. working from home) then it doesn’t need to be so big.


Eliminate the unnecessary

In almost every home there are areas which are not used now, even if they had had a previous function.  This is often the case halls, small wash-houses on the terrace, unnecessarily large bathrooms.  If you can eliminate them without any resulting change in your routine, then you don’t need them.  Taking advantage of removing them to give more metres to the rest of the house is a great idea.


Combine spaces.

Combining different uses in the same environment can also gain you space.  To do this, it is a good idea to eliminate walls and try for a more open distribution to eliminate obstacles and free up space.   A space that lends itself to this concept is the living room, we can have a dining room, work space, a corner to rest and watch TV ……


Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great idea for eliminating “wasted” space.  They can be used for any room where more space is needed – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens.


Made to measure furniture

For small spaces or rooms, made to measure furniture is the ideal solution.  It costs more, but the possibilities it offers has no rival, and many times it is the only option because bought furniture comes in standard measures which may not fit into the space we have.


Think vertically.

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, the number of meters you can count on multiplies – if you think vertically. Double height allows you to duplicate the surface and is perfect for privacy and saving space at the same time.  (think of loft bedrooms or floor to ceiling made to measure bookcases).

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