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Hotel Diseño Pure Salt Port Adriano arquitecto Mallorca

Quality and Inspiration: key elements in Zanobia’s most recent hotel reforms

Comprehensive hotel refurbishments, as well as partial renovations, seek to increase the hotel’s standing by ensuring it is able to offer its clients a stay that far exceeds their expectations. For this reason, the hotel renovation projects in Palma de Mallorca which have been carried out by Zanobia, begin with a very simple approach: identifying and taking advantage of the potential of the hotel and giving it maximum efficiency. Inspiration plays a key role in this process, as well as the integration of quality in each and every step of the study. That’s why both elements are strongly in play from start to finish.

This is the approach we took in the most recent Pure Salt hotel renovations. New objectives were being pursued, aimed at clients who request five-star hotels in select surroundings. Pure Salt Adriano, located on a cliff top overlooking the most exclusive marina in the Mediterranean designed by Philippe Starck, was already a 5-star hotel when Zanobia undertook its refurbishment. One of the main goals of this renovation was to enhance its privileged location and give shape to this extraordinary balcony over the Mediterranean. The work included the structural refurbishment of certain rooms, giving them direct access to the hotel’s swimming pool, thereby creating the famous swim-up rooms, and dining areas.

Zanobia undertook a complete refurbishment of the Pure Salt Garonda, turning the then three-star hotel into a superior five-star hotel. Once the hotel refurbishment had been completed, it opened its doors as the first 5-star hotel in Playa de Palma, respecting the original structure but highlighting the natural elements of the island, such as the sea and the sunlight.

It was a very different project from another that we took on for Pure Salt, involving the construction of a new concept in tourist residences. The building of the residences consisted in creating luxury homes, perfectly designed for long-stays, equipped with the best services and with the added advantage of having the use of the services at the Hotel Paradiso Garden, which is currently being refurbished.

These are some of the projects we have carried out for Pure Salt, as they continue to energise the hotel sector with new visions such as the Hotel Pure Salt Orquidea, currently in draft phase. The objective on this occasion is to create a space that mimics the autochthonous vegetation and surrounding landscape. The chosen location is Uvero Alto, and the idea of the project was born out of a respect for the environment. That’s why the hotel will allow nature to flow through its architecture, designing fragmented buildings and respecting the natural breathing spaces created by the existing vegetation. The buildings will mingle with the water and the abundant vegetation of the area, and not just on the ground floor, given that the idea is to design a “green hotel” where the natural vegetation plays a part in each space, even in the rooms. To complete the project, an orchidarium will have central presence in the complex.

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