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SPAS in hotels, a good investment?

Positioning yourself in today’s competitive hotel market is no easy task, but some factors can help you to successfully do so. One of them is by matching or exceeding the client’s expectations, by means of experiences that tip the scales towards their leaving a positive response after their stay at the hotel. One of the elements which provides the best assurance of achieving this is to install a spa in the hotel, thus offering a complete package for relaxation after a day of intense activity.


The current demand on online platforms, where the client can quickly compare facilities and services at the click of a button, has made the attractiveness of spas in hotels a key element when deciding between the different options, even when the user does not have a wellness tourist profile.  In fact, adding the spa requirement to a hotel search nowadays is nothing out of the ordinary.

Whether the guest is staying at the hotel for work, visiting the area on holiday or attending a local event, having the possibility to relax at the hotel and enjoy the wellness benefits offered by a spa, without having to look elsewhere, is always an attractive option.

Here are the main advantages of building a spa in a hotel:


Relaxation and disconnection. Wellness tourism is the type of tourism that has increased the most in the last decade, as we increasingly give more importance to self-care and our health, looking for places where we can enjoy healthy experiences that have a positive impact on our body. Hence the rise in spas, which offer us the chance to rest and tone our muscles properly, as well as allowing us time to relax and disconnect. The fact of being able to access this without leaving the hotel is an added value greatly appreciated by guests.


Break seasonality. One of the tools to combat seasonality and to keeping the hotel booked all year round, is to offer a service that is as attractive in winter, spring, summer and autumn. The spa fulfills these conditions and serves as a lure in the less busy season. For some clients, it is an interesting additional service that they may or may not use depending on the time they have available, while for other it is essential, serving as the main deciding factor for choosing one hotel over another.


– Deliver experiences. To be able to build customer loyalty by guests valuing their stay as positively as possible, offering wellness experiences is an investment that more than pays for itself in the medium term. If special attention is paid to the construction of the spa, opting for professionals in the industry who ensure quality, design and style, and by proposing the best solutions available to isolate it as much as possible from noise or from the busiest areas of the hotel, then we are guaranteed to be successful. Specialised firms that have been working in the sector for decades with very good results, such as Quilis, Freixanet Wellness or the long serving Prim Spa, are examples of companies that can help us achieve the flawless relaxation space where guests can find their inner well-being.


– Good publicity. As customers value their experiences on the same public platforms where they make their bookings, their comments have become a key advertising tool, so offering additional services such as a spa, where guests can recharge their batteries and relax after their day, is an excellent option. The client’s objective is to find a comfortable place away from home and, if possible, have services on hand that give an extra wellness factor to their experience, in which case, a spa is perfectly suited to their needs.

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