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When renovating a hotel in the Balearics

Attracting a visitor to an island like Mallorca is relatively simple if we consider that it is one of the favourite destinations for foreigners who visit us, whether it is for pleasure or for work.  Proof of that is that every year more than 11 million travellers visit us.  But if this figure is to be maintained and even increased, as happened last year, it is thanks to various factors, amongst which are a good hotel infrastructure with well-constructed hotels, in good condition with renovated installations, playing a key role.  Indeed, the autonomous region which has allocated more to its modernisation/upgrading in the last few years is the Balearics, according to extracts from the first report “Hotel Sector Reforms and Hotels under Construction in Spain” issued by Colliers International.   In the 3 years, 2015-2017, the investment in renovation of hotels and the construction of new businesses in the hotel sector in the Balearics came to 1,121 million euros, almost double that of the next ranking autonomous region, the Canary Islands, which invested 625 million euros.


The reason for these increases is clear: the renovation of the hotel infrastructure is a fundamental tool to reposition any business, especially in destinations of great competency, such as Mallorca.  All the time there are more guests looking for experiences which allows them to enjoy themselves more than when they are at home, and in order to provide that, it is essential to maintain a constant upgrading, taking advantage of the reforms to gain in comfort, customisation and energy efficiency.  But for all the foregoing to be possible and to obtain a high return, it is important to plan and execute renovations correctly and appropriately.


To pick the right moment, first study the calendar (specifically the activity) of prior years – that is the first step.  The objective is to find the best time of the year in which to renovate the hotel without interfering in its day to day activities.  The majority of hotels in Mallorca used to choose the end of October, just as the high season finished, to start their renovations. Nevertheless, choosing the right date depends on the kind of clients which come to the hotel, because if the bulk of the clients are guests who are coming to a conference or another event or if they are coming to Mallorca for work, the best option to begin the renovations could, indeed, be the summer season.  For that reason, it’s a question of adapting the initial start date of the reforms to when there is least activity in the hotel – adjusting to the time when there is less demand by its clientele.   The most important thing is that the final date of the reforms is forecast to end before the start of the hotel’s high season, so that the hotel can open its doors completely renovated, ready for the expected activity of the new season.


The next step, which is extremely important, will be to adjust the work in progress to ensure that it will be completed within the time limits previously envisaged.   Especially if it is a question of major works affecting the structure, façade or the volume of the building, which will extend over a longer time period.


To this cocktail of variables, one must add a decision of equal importance: what spaces are we to renovate?   In every renovation project of a hotel it is important to pay attention to the updating of passageways and public spaces, which are the first point of visual contact for the client, apart from the rooms which will have the largest impact on the guest. As for the rest, in every decision taken about renovation, the hotel must consider other variables such as saving energy and the wellbeing of the occupants, as these play a vital role in the latest trends in technology, interior architecture, equipment and efficient energy.


Our studio has amassed a large selection of many hotel reform projects.   If you need to know more, or would like a personalised plan, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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