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Hotels to come in 2019

Hotels on the sea, inspired by the revolutionary Coco Chanel, or designed to provide functionality to historical areas within a large city. These are the latest novelties in the hotel sector, with architectural trends and concepts that are continually evolving. Among them, the creation of unique spaces, tailor-made for discerning clients with very specific preferences, is acquiring great prominence, although it is not the only trend in hotel architecture. Let’s start at the beginning, because each new project has its own background.


The refurbishment of an area for a different use is an architectural trend with which more and more companies are working. The aim of creating areas that are not only attractive and unique, but also profitable. One of the latest projects to embrace this tendency was launched by former Manchester United footballers, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville, who have designed a boutique hotel in the historic Manchester Stock Exchange building. Gary Neville and Ryan Gigg’s firm, GG Hospitality, presented the project to renovate the Victorian building with architectural plans to include 40 rooms, two presidential suites and two restaurants, as well as wine cellars where private parties for up to 100 people can be held.

As a result, the Stock Exchange Hotel is creating multi-purpose spaces within the Norfolk Street building with the aim of accommodating a guest in an exclusive, comfortable and, at the same time, functional environment that can be relied upon. This is not the only objective of the project. They also wanted to raise the historical value of the building, built between 1904 and 1906 by Bradshaw, Gass and Hope. Meticulously respecting the original Baroque characteristics, the goal has been to preserve the distinguished and timeless environment, enhancing the exclusivity of the installations aimed at a very specific customer profile.

The proposal by Bless Collection Hotels, part of the Palladium Hotel Group, for Ibiza’s Cala Nova, which is scheduled to open this year, is a completely different scenario. The common thread that will mark the aesthetics and which has given shape to the interior design of the hotel is none other than the extraordinary Coco Chanel. She is at the heart of the project, providing living environment solutions based on casual elegance, with spaces where the colours black and white predominate. Pure and simple lines, with furnishings from the French blue coast and the Italian Riviera, complete the aesthetics of the premises. Thus, interior design plays a key role in this project, following the signature’s line.

This project has also sought to maximise profitability by diversifying its use, as in addition to the 151 rooms, the spa and the two infinity pools, it will have two restaurants and a gourmet bar decorated in classic English style, where visitors can enjoy the excellence of hedonistic luxury. If all goes as planned, the establishment, which will be located near Santa Eulalia, will open this summer and will be the second hotel belonging to the new luxury brand, after the opening of Bless Madrid.







In hotel design, however, creativity is not limited solely to buildings. This is a sector open to new ideas such as the one adopted by Marriot International, who a few months ago announced that reservations can now be made for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, their new project, this time opening on the ocean. From February 2020 clients will be able to stay at a new type of resort on the sea. The idea is that guests get a unique experience on these cruises that include day and night ports of call, and for which they will have a line of boats specially designed for the project. According to Lisa Holladay, vice president and global brand leader for The Ritz-Carlton, “every aspect of the trip has been carefully created to incorporate the exclusive and luxurious service of a The Ritz-Carlton resort, from the design of the yacht to on-board and onshore programming.

The first of The Ritz-Carlton Collection’s three bespoke boats will be small enough to guarantee access to smaller, more exclusive ports: it will measure 190 metres and can accommodate up to 298 passengers in 149 suites with their own private terrace, as well as two luxurious Owner suites of 158 square metres, each with its own jacuzzi, state-of-the-art craftsmanship and interior finishes designed by The Ritz-Carlton in collaboration with market-leading designer Tillberg Design of Sweden. A novelty in the sector that redefines luxury settings at sea.

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